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The Classroom to Boardroom Foundation

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Our mission

Providing talented young people from underrepresented backgrounds with access to exceptional careers.

Your economic background should not determine your future.

The Classroom to Boardroom Foundation was created to provide talented students from any background with equal access to developing professional skills and starting successful careers. The socioeconomic situation of any young individual should never be an obstacle to any aspect in their life. We are passionately committed to helping each and every student achieve exceptional things, whether that be through further education, professional development or personal success.

As the Foundation’s reach of influence continues to grow, we feel privileged to be part of this global positive impact on young people’s lives. By collaborating with outstanding students, forward-thinking educational leaders, and our esteemed group of partner firms, we base our actions on the many, not the few. We look forward to a world where equal opportunity in classrooms, boardrooms and the journey in between is no longer the goal; it’s the standard.

Recruitment is in our DNA

Making a positive impact for young people is at the very heart of who we are. We have a deep understanding of the insights, processes and skills needed for employment success. We also have a profound understanding of the barriers to entry for students from underserved backgrounds and, consequently, how to help young people overcome them.

We use our expertise in the Early Careers space to create educational introductory career programmes and apprenticeships for students in partnership with schools, leading UK universities and our global network of prominent businesses. Our work extends beyond recruitment, creating an ambitious and highly-skilled community of more than 900 students from over 75 educational institutions. We have supported over 3,000 individuals through mentorships, skills workshops, industry insight days, interviews, and so much more. All with the aim of providing them the opportunity for long-term personal and professional success.


How can you get involved?

The Classroom to Boardroom Foundation values

Igniting curiosity

We provide individuals with the access they need to discover new ideas and learn different ways to fuel personal growth, innovation, and intellectual development.

Unlocking ambition

We push individuals to explore outside of their comfort zone, discovering untapped talents, uncovering new motivations and unlocking limitless potential.

Achieving aspirations

We support individuals in realising what they want for their future and understanding the challenges, then we empower them to bring their extraordinary goals to life.

Redefining expectations

We are motivated to exceed conventional limits, challenge fixed assumptions, and set new standards of excellence.


Who we partner with


We're dedicated to making education more accessible than ever before.

Whether in person or virtual, we offer learning opportunities, work experience, and practical key skills development sessions to help students thrive, both now and in the future. 

We encourage students to explore careers they never thought possible (or never even knew existed) and discover their full potential by providing them with educational resources and connecting them with opportunities to a global network of professionals and businesses.


We partner with education leaders and teachers to build trusted relationships and create impactful solutions to solve students’ career challenges.

Our focus is to work with schools that qualify on any of these three criteria:

  • High pupil premium and 35% or more free school meal eligibility
  • Level 3 or 4 Ofsted rating
  • Located in a deprivation cold spot or underserved communities


We are helping businesses to create diversity and inclusion programmes with purpose and actionable change.

Our trusted partners provide students with exceptional professional opportunities across many sectors. We support businesses to connect with a diverse and ambitious student talent pool to both educate and learn from.

We think long-term and help transform students into permanent and valued members of a business’ team.


"The Investing Potential Programme has been amazing in demonstrating what working in Finance could be like and has helped to give me clarity over what career path I will choose in the future. Most importantly, it has helped build my confidence as I was able to meet and network with so many wonderful and interesting people in a professional setting."

Year 10 Student

"I have worked with the Foundation for 3 years across the three schools that I work in. I have always found the organisation to be well organised, helpful and aspirational and as a consequence, they are one of the first contacts I approach when I am running my careers events. I have had assemblies, workshops, half term work experiences and introductions to partner organisations as a result of my collaboration with CtBF. As an organisation, they seem to effortlessly know and occupy the space between students in schools to a rewarding and aspirational career. CtBF are a key organisation that I use to assist me in enabling students to find their potential.”

Careers Leader, Comprehensive School

"We are proud to be a part of the Investing Potential Programme. This is a fantastic initiative which provides a great opportunity to engage with new talent early and to encourage young people from a broad range of backgrounds to consider a career in finance. We look forward to meeting the next cohort!"

Partner, International Alternative Asset Fund Management Group

“My Investing Potential work experience was one of the most enriching and informative experiences. I have found a new perspective on careers in finance and feel well equipped for any future opportunities.”

Year 11 Student

“We have been working with Dartmouth Partners for several years now, they have excellent connections to a number of firms and they run brilliant preparatory courses that give our students a chance to explore different sectors and roles but also the skills required to actually make a good application. Subsequently we have seen a rise in the number of students successfully applying for degree apprenticeships. They have taken time to understand the needs of our students, many of whom will be the first in their families to go to university, and treat them with respect and warmth.”

Programme Director, Comprehensive School


Are you a student looking to get ahead?

Here’s how the Foundation can help you

Employability and skills workshops

We deliver value-packed workshops that help you prepare for employment. From CV writing to interview role plays and networking, we design the sessions to centre around you and what you need to learn.

We also focus on the value of workplace skills, what these are and how to develop them. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship and how to analyse, present, and work as a team. And you’ll learn how to use these skills in the professional world.

Classroom to Boardroom Student Network

We understand entering the workplace can be daunting because we’ve been through it too. Our network pathway enables you to receive on-demand mentorship from our experienced alumni, and we hold exclusive events for our students, alumni and partner firms.

We prepare you for industry expectations and support you with the interview process. From guiding you on your presentation and conversation to conducting mock scenarios for opportunities at our partner firms. Our aim is to help you feel confident that you can achieve anything.

Work experience and apprenticeships

Looking for hands-on experience? We offer work programmes with our partner firms to help you understand and prepare for professional life. Our programmes range from one day to two weeks, with a mix of workshops and insight sessions to guide you in the best routes to secure a role.

We want you to succeed. We consider your goals when matching you with a programme and your potential for employment in a specific firm or sector. And it doesn’t end there - we are here to support you for the long term, providing guidance and staying connected with you throughout your placement and your career.


Interested in joining our network?

Get in touch with Mathilda

Want to find out more?

Whether you’re an ambitious student, a school with high-potential talent waiting to be discovered, or a business wanting to help drive change in social mobility and build a diverse working culture, we can help you achieve it all.

Mathilda is a Director at Dartmouth Partners, specialising in recruiting Early Careers talent into boutique advisory and investment firms. 

Mathilda was responsible for spearheading the launch of Kernel Global's Classroom to Boardroom Foundation. She has always been passionate about the importance of junior talent strategies in financial services and has been instrumental in building graduate, intern and apprenticeship programmes for various clients in the market.

Let’s talk. Exceptional things start with a conversation.

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