Our purpose

Our vision at the Foundation is that we will contribute to a future where someone’s economic situation while growing up does not hold them back from achieving professional and personal success. We’re on a mission to support students in accessing an equal start to achieving a career-positive future.

Watching the Foundation grow and have a positive impact on students has been an exciting journey, and we feel privileged to work with such driven and high-potential students, school leaders, and a passionate group of partnering firms.

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We provide learning opportunities, work experience and practical key skills development sessions, both in-person and virtually.

Through our trusted professional partner network, students have access to explore careers they may have previously considered themselves unsuitable for, or they did not know about.


We engage with education leaders and teachers to become trusted partners, providing solutions to students' career challenges.

We work with schools that qualify on any of three criteria: high pupil premium and free school meals eligibility (35% or more), level 3 or 4 rating in Ofsted, or those who are in a deprivation cold spots.


We advise and support organisations to establish school initiatives to connect with a diverse talent pipeline and further DEI initiatives.

Our partnering firms provide students with exciting professional opportunities across different sectors, helping to develop their skill set and career potential to become a permanent part of their team and not a one-off placement.

All of our alumni network
would recommend
with the Foundation
to support their career.
In-person school events,
and assemblies
completed across
the UK.
Increase in partnering
firms providing mentoring
and industry opportunities
through work experience,
internship, and apprenticeships.
A UK-wide network
of students and
alumni actively involved
with, and supported by,
the Foundation.

How we work with students

Employability and skills workshops

We work with our school partners to deliver a variety of custom workshops focused on employability (CV writing workshops, to interviews and networking simulations) and skills. Our workshops are designed so that students feel confident and supported to participate.

The CV writing workshops demonstrate the importance of having a functional CV, and how to create one whilst still at school. We outline the basics of what a CV is, offering advice on how to add value to appeal to potential employers.

We have created fun skills-based workshops focusing on the skills most valued in professional and financial services. These sessions enable students to understand the value of, and develop their own skill - such as analysis, entrepreneurship, presentation, and teamwork - whilst demonstrating how these skills are applied to the working world.

Student network pathway

Drawing on our extensive recruitment experience, and our long-term support model, we have created a growing student and alumni network. Members of our network have access to on-demand mentorship from the Foundation team and receive mock real-life interview scenarios for opportunities through our partner firms. In addition, we run exclusive membership insight events bringing alumni, students, and our partner firms together. Students are welcome to register and join our network.

Our network pathway aims to assist students to become comfortable with applications to, and the transition into the workplace. The most common support requested by students is for interview technique and preparation. We support their full interview process, guiding students on how to present themselves and confidently hold a conversation with industry professionals. We work closely with the students in our network to engage them in developing their own professional brand, whilst preparing them for industry expectations.

Work experience and apprenticeships programmes

We guide students through different types of in-person programmes with our partner firms, providing regular feedback and support. These programmes range from one day to two weeks of experience at the partner firm’s office, providing the student with access to professional role models and a direct understanding of what working life is like.

The experience programmes are a mix of workshops and insight sessions to showcase and inspire the students with a variety of career opportunities and the best routes for them to source, secure and thrive in a role in that partner firm.

We take a unique approach to matching students and firms, looking beyond just for the purpose of that work experience but instead choosing to match based on a student’s potential to become a full-time employee in that firm, or sector in the future. Our apprenticeship programmes, and the Early Careers team at Dartmouth Partners, are how we execute our long-term commitment to support and stay connected with our students and alumni.

Interested in knowing more?

If you want to know more about the apprenticeships we create for our professional partners, the school programmes we run, or are a student wanting to get a head start on the career ladder, we are able to help you expand your options.

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